Media Arts Thesis: Coming to the End

Yes, I know I skipped another week of this blog.

In truth, I think I only have one blog post in me, as a postmortem discussion of the thesis show. That will cover how I feel how my thesis is received, but today, I must only speak of what it took me to get there.

Starting Sunday, I started re-rendering all of the little video clips, so that I could start making improvements to the "UI", so to speak, of the text cards. I also ran it through a proof reading bot in order to proof read the text.

Monday, I got the new cards, updated with the proper font and formatting, also proof read.

Thursday I started to set up the thesis showcase.

Friday, I pushed the last changes and updated the published build. Later that day, I loaded it up on my computer and set the cards there.

Now, all I can do is wait and see how it is received, after a full academic year of working on this thesis.

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