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Media Arts Thesis: The Eye of the Storm

This is going to be a short post.

The only thing of note that happened to me thesis wise is that I had a playtest with my class this week using the beta. What was interesting about this playtest to me was that it brought to light the divide between good feedback and bad feedback. For instance, some of the feedback was related to timing and polish, telling me that I could make the text slides easier to read, or that I should give them more time for decisions. Feedback like this helps me because they are things I can fix for the final, and they are things that strengthen this version of the game.

Then, though, there is useless feedback, like "why should the player make so many choices" in a game where making choices is the only mechanic, or "I don't like the minimalism of the character background" in a game where you aren't supposed to hide behind a character. This kind of stuff I don't take into account because it clashes with what I'm trying to accomplish and misses the point of the game. This isn't bad in and of itself, but it is when my final deliverable is in a few weeks and I don't have time to change the core of my game.

Other than this, though, my next few weeks are devoted to polish and trailer making...let the fun begin.

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