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Media Arts Thesis: Hello Eko, my old Friend

After a semester away from it, I'm finally, just now as I am writing this post, diving back into Eko, which is kind of a surreal thought for me.

I mean, in order to get to this point, I had to get through a lot of different tasks having to do with my game assets. To wit, for this week's blog post to be about Eko, I had to:

- Finish my final historical documentaries

- Animate and edit a "how to play" sequence

- Finally assemble the news audio clips into video form with the proper image

- Create short text based videos for each of the text bubbles in my twine prototype

That last one in particular took me most of my working hours, mainly out of the sheer amount of bubbles I had to adapt in order to have something to bring into Eko. The render times alone nearly drove me a bit batty.

Nevertheless, I knew that whining about it would not hasten the process, and I found that breaking down the game narrative into sections actually helped me in this process. See, instead of just clumping up as many clips as possible at once, I separated my work schedule into rendering the text clips for the intro, or day zero, or day one, and so forth. This helped to make the process easier, as it broke down the mass of work I had to do into sections that I could accomplish before taking a break.

Thus, even though I came into this week with a LOT of stress (given that the deadline to have the beta is the biggest deadline I've faced in my academic career), I found that the work I did earlier with the chart helped me process in that it allowed me to make a huge task into several smaller tasks.

That said, I present my beta on Tuesday, and from there on out, it's all about the polish.

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