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Media Arts Thesis: Juggling Deliverables

So, given that this past week was the week of Spring Break, one might assume that I did not get much work done...that's not totally incorrect, as I took entire days off of my thesis to focus on recuperating and recharging. However, I pride myself on getting some pretty major components done, though this is less out of me being so ahead of things rather than me accepting the fact that our thesis betas are due on the 28th.

For one thing, as the image suggests, I built out the player cards and have them ordered already. I've decided that I would take Adam's advise and give the players minimal information up front to let them make decisions closer to their own psyche while still loosening them up with some form of alibi. The designs have been minimal and focusing on my primary color story, and I found a good font to compliment the title font (Bebas Neue, complimenting my stylized 80s font).

On another note, not only have I reedited the intro documentaries, I've started to build out the historical documentaries. With the former, I made the editing snappier and included more glamorous footage, while with the latter, I found a way to capture the solemnity through music and use of photographs of the event, since the photos were more evocative than any video footage that I found. Thus, I can have these done by Wednesday, the deadline for meeting with Evan.

Thus, once these are out of the way, I have three main tasks: creating the text blurbs (the easiest part), creating the intro animatic (the trickiest part), and putting things together in Eko (the part I worry about the most). God help us all.

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