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Media Arts Thesis: Structural Finishes

While I'm tempted to leave this chart here as a sign of me finally having my game structure be solid and defined in regards to player goals, I should probably talk about what got me here.

This week was a big one for my thesis for two reasons. First, on Tuesday, I playtested the game several time with classmates, most of whom were unaware of this new structure. From the playtest, I got some really valuable info on how players expected to interact and how much people can miss in regards to the AIDS bait and switch (I had players unaware of CA prop 64 and the AIDS pink triangle, for instance).

The other major event that happened this week was a meeting with game designer Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz, who prompted me to make the above chart. Though I've been getting amazing help from the MA+P professors, I think working with a professional game designer helped change up the way I was thinking about this project, thus giving me clarity on the bones of the game. Thus, I just need to build on these bones for the thesis.

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