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Media Arts Thesis: Working towards an End

Man, this thesis project is really starting to come down to the wire, now, isn't it?

Even if I am correct in interpreting our classes March 28th deadline to be more of a beta deadline than a hardcore deadline, that magical day is still less than 4 weeks away, and I'm still encountering some roadblocks in development now.

For one thing, I was set to have a full on playtest today with completely fresh users; that ended up being cancelled because of the users feeling sick. While I totally sympathize in their case, I'm a bit frustrated because I wanted a real playtest before this Tuesday, when I show off my progress again to the class. I'll certainly try to get one in before then if possible, but my chances might not be great with that. Furthermore, while I was supposed to have my documentary VO all recorded by now in terms of my own goals, the transmedia lab audio recording system was not working during my scheduled session, and now I'm frantically trying to get that done before Spring Break. All the while, I have to write an abstract for this Tuesday, and it can seem overwhelming at times.

Still, this isn't to say that this week has been all bad news; I have the locational intro sequences done, so that makes me 1/3 of the way done in terms of my video components. What's more, I think I finally have a title, with "Live Well/Don't Panic" as my working title (though I might shorten it to one or the other if I get that feedback from my professors). Plus, with a title, I can start actually crafting the role cards. So, while I may have a lot ahead of me, I already have lots of work behind me that I can build off of.

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