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Media Arts Thesis: Building the Parts

Another week, another blog post.

I wish I had a more creative way of starting this blog post, but the fact is, documentation might be getting a bit different and less long winded going forward. I've probably said this before, but this time I really feel it, and this is for one main reason: The bulk of the conceptual work is pretty much done.

No, of course it wont be DONE done, maybe ever (given the nature of how projects live on in the age of remix and updates). Still, for the purpose of the thesis, I have my conceptual ducks in a row, and now I just need to build the damn thing.

To wit, here is what this involves as of now:

1. I need to finish the narrative writing. I have my LA section done, for the most part; now I just need to finish writing out NYC, at least in a first draft sense.

2. I need to finalize my title (80's Nightmare didn't feel quite right, and I want options to choose besides my second option, Stay Positive).

3. I need to record my voice actors for the intros and mini-documentaries at the end (I have them scheduled to record this Wednesday)

4. I need to finalize the audio clips I use for news interstitials (still collecting footage).

5. I need to finish my intros and mini-documentaries (collecting footage, in addition to the VO)

It seems daunting, but having this as a check list makes it easier.

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