Media Arts Thesis: Directional Quirks

Well, to start off, I wanted to post my tentative logo for my project, as I'm excited to finally be able to get into some visual design for the project. I wanted to reflect both the neon aesthetic of the 80's while also including the pink triangle as a subtle reference to the AIDS movement, as the pink triangle - reclaimed from the pink triangles that homosexuals wore during the holocaust, similar to the yellow stars that the Jews war - became one of the most powerful symbols of AIDS activism during the 80's, particularly with ACT UP.

Beyond that, I unexpectedly had my first playtest of my current iteration of the game this past Tuesday (unexpected since I thought I'd be testing next week...c'est la vie). While feedback for the system was positive and only pointed out flaws I was aware of (I know I need to make player goals more clear), one of the more interesting bits of feedback was that my allegory was too opaque and unnecessary. On that day, I strongly refuted that idea, since my idea with the allegory was that it would lure people into not thinking about AIDS. However, the next day, a meeting with some MA+P faculty helped me realize that I could take a middle path of sorts; do away with explicit allegory, but never mentioning AIDS by name until the end, in a route somewhat inspired by "The Body Rituals of Nacirema". I also got the suggestion to intercut out of context news audio of the time within the game at key moments, in order to create atmosphere; thus, a lot of research I've been doing is finding juicy audio clips.

I do have one more thing to worry about though: getting voice over. While I decided against having VO for the entire game (mainly for scope reasons), I decided that I still need it for the opening and the closing documentaries. I had mentioned getting VO actors already; now I just need to get them scripts so that we can record.

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