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Media Arts Thesis: Winter Showcase and Holiday Plans

When I wake up tomorrow, I'll be tearing down the winter showcase that I've been dreading so much this semester.

It's been strange how quickly the winter show went by, but I have some general observations to make in this blog section:

- Getting 2-4 people to play a game at a large showcase like the one we just had is sometimes a bit tricky. You have to cajole people at times, but it's still worth it to see people playing your game.

- I got some great feedback on my project, both from official critique sessions and informal comments from players. While some of these comments are self-solving problems (anything related to visual design is something I've already thought about), I did get some interesting observations that might slightly alter my game; namely, how I can build intimacy and empathy with the subjects of history, while also helping the game build to something. These are going to be my main systems goals of the spring semester.

- I cannot trust myself to do voice over without cringing.

- The game more or less works, which is a huge relief.

- Eko is still something I need a bit more mastery over.

- Having such a simple set up was a LIFE SAVER.

From this, I have clear goals to work on over Spring Semester.

As for now, I don't plan on updating this blog over the winter holidays, though I think I'll update the Sunday before classes start. That doesnt mean I won't be doing work; it just means that I recognize that my holiday work schedule will be more ephemeral in nature. Still, I do have some set goals to accomplish by my next blog post, such as:

- Finish scripting out what content will be in the game

- Choosing a voice over artist

- Developing a design strategy

- Creating 1 or 2 SHORT animated clips (the "Correct" or "Incorrect", for example).

Until next semester, Elizabeth, Bodie, and whoever stumbled upon this job while looking at my portfolio (if you're an employer, please hire me! I'm conscientious of my work processes!)

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