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Media Arts Thesis: On the Night before Showcase...

(Because of course it was my intention to delay this blog post until right before our midyear show opened)

What you see in that picture is the setup I have for my project, 16 Years. Don't let the lowkey aesthetics of this presentation fool you; as I have mentioned previously, games tend to not look good for about 90% of the development process as the content and gameplay gets sorted out.

It took a lot of grinding and hard work to get to this point; I didn't have anything close to an eko build until Friday, and even now I still have some minor mistakes. Furthermore, part of me still wishes I could have something a little nicer for the visuals.

Still, I am excited to showcase what I have, and I think what I am going to be presenting is in fact exactly what I need in order to hone my ideas down so that I can spend all of spring building on top of this foundation.

This will be a short blog post, and I will have more to say after the showcase, so until then, wish me luck.

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