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Media Arts Thesis: Thanksgiving Week Progress

So, because this week was Thanksgiving week, I have to be honest: thesis was not a major priority. I wanted to spend my time at home recuperating and regaining the energy I need in order to get my project in a good place for winter showcase. While I always think I need more rest and energy, though, I was happy with one thing: I actually did some important work in regards to my winter showcase deliverables.

First, I actually tried the eko system for the first time, creating some sample projects. I was afraid that it would be cumbersome and the kind of thing that I would need to "overcome", but so far I've been pleasantly surprised at how intuitive it's been. I think I can do some really cool stuff with this platform, and I'm glad I stuck to my guns on keeping this as a part of my thesis.

Second, I've started recording audio for the eko portion. One of the major pieces of feedback I got was that the rules were boring when just read aloud; thus I would need to give audio to help immerse the players. True, the audio for this winter showcase will be me, recorded on my iphone, reciting the words I wrote down, but this winter showcase is just for proof of concept, after all. Nicer voice over can be done in the spring; systems are what I care about now.

Finally, I started making the short videos to be used in eko. Coming from a background in games, I knew that these would not be pretty; now is not the time for art, after all. Once I build out the rest of the content, THEN I can focus on making it look pretty. Still, it pains me as an artist to see my designs so far just reading as bland information.

I still have lots of work to do for winter showcase, but I think I can handle it.

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