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Media Arts Thesis: Something Catchy about Prototyping

As the title suggests, there's not much in the way of excitement regarding my progress this week. Honestly, that's kind of ok for the moment, as not every bit of game development is going to be 100% thrilling all of the time. Plus, in comparison to freaking out over my project falling apart, boring progress is something I am all to eager to welcome.

Really, my biggest exciting development this week is that I'm starting to develop my prototype for the digital component in Twine, as pictured below:

Try to contain your excitement!

In all seriousness, this development is pretty exciting to me on a micro-level. It's the first time I'm really building out what the digital component of my game is going to be, and Twine has been a valuable asset in the prototyping process, given how my digital component is going to be based on making choices and progression through a narrative of sorts (that being history in my project).

Still, if this is the most exciting development in my project, why make this blog post?

Well, for one, I want a good grade for my Thesis class (hey there Elizabeth and Bodie!).

Beyond grades, though, I'm finding this blog to be a useful tool in my development. It allows me to vent my creative frustrations, which helps keep me sane, and having a document of my progress allows me to search the past for inspiration whenever I need it.

In this sense, keeping up a weekly blog is something I need...even when my weeks aren't quite so momentous.

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