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Media Arts Thesis: Legwork and the Temptations of Birthdays

So, I'm writing this blog post at the tail end of my birthday, and let me tell you, it would have been really easy to just consider this a by-week just because of that fact.

I mean, after all, on Tuesday I had received the tacit approval of my faculty concerning my new direction. I spoke with them in class to talk over the logistics of our midterm show, and they gave no protest to my ideas for what I could demonstrate.

Having that out of the way, it would be easy to trick myself into thinking that this accomplishment alone would suffice for the week. Sadly, I can't afford to think this way, since I have a prototype due in a manner of weeks.

In finding work to do for this week, I found that I had to completely change my strategy for production on this game from any mindset I have had previously.

See, my background is as an artist, and most of my work in games has been working on art. Thus, I am used to thinking primarily about how a game looks, since I am beholden primarily to the art pipeline of any game I work on. For this project, however, I'm primarily a designer before an artist, and I have no team to work with; just myself. This is part of the reason I first fell into a trap in my initial plans; because I was so preoccupied with the visual aspects, I neglected to think of whether the scope of what I was trying to do was even feasible to achieve with my talents and my schedule; hence, the breakdown of that version of the idea. Now, I know I have to prize the design of the game systems before anything else; indeed, for my midterm presentation, I plan on just demonstrating as much of the systems as I have without even really considering the visual aspects; that can be saved for spring. So, for this upcoming Tuesday, I've been working on my answers to the fragment puzzles; from there, I can break apart the facts of history into pieces that can be restored into answers that I already have.

Here's hoping this new approach keeps me on track for a successful MA+P Thesis.

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