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Media Arts Thesis: Upheaval and Change

So, this week was...turbulent, to say the least, when it came to my thesis.

For starters, I didn't end up making that paper prototype board game. The reason for this was because of a last minute change of platform that was brought upon by a conversation with my boss at my internship. Now, the realization that I came to with my boss is one that I still hold on to: my previous idea of having a linked board game and app was far out of my scope for a yearlong thesis project. I would have to seamlessly integrate two systems together despite the fact that I am a far stronger artist than coder, which would be a major hindrance in designing a series of mini games that could be access by a host app using a string system. Because of this, I will not be returning to the old format as it was.


Perhaps the right answer was not just to dive right into a new platform while completely abandoning my old idea.

For context, the platform I proposed in my paper prototype was an interactive video platform called Eko (which one can look at by visiting I still really love the platform, and plan on incorporating it into my final thesis as of now. Still, I'll be the first that I did not make the best case for it to my thesis advisors, namely by presenting a rushed script of what I'd want my video to be.

The main critique of my old script was that it lacked the clear stakes that my original idea had; I agree on this point too. The strongest part of my original idea is that the stakes were clear and powerful: when you're eliminated from the game, you die. The script I wrote did not have these stakes, mainly because I'm still growing as a writer.

So, I was then sent reeling after my thesis class, trying to figure out what to do, and....I'm still working on it. But, I do have some ideas that I can document for now, such as:

- I keep the eko component

- I keep the board game component too

- The two components can be companion pieces rather than directly tied together (maybe the stories can even overlap)

I also know that I need to do WAAAAAAY more research on queer theory, but that was mainly because I'm discovering that I'm more fascinated by form.

Anyways, these are my musings about my progress thus far, and a place to put my current roadmap as I navigate these uncertain waters.


Brady Thomas

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