Media Arts Thesis: Bit by Bit...

...putting it together! (sorry, I can't resist a good Sondheim reference).

Anyways, the title still works on it's own because now that I've actually committed to an idea and a schedule, I find that, at least for right now, I'm starting to look at a lot of minutiae that adds up to larger wholes, which can be quite daunting.

Take, for instance, the making of a paper prototype (due Tuesday for me, by the way).

Like every kind of creative project, I have to start out with raw materials; in this case, are these are my materials:

Looks like a bunch of innocuous school supplies, right? Well, in order to have my paper prototype, I have to do the following:

* Draw a sample board onto the red sheet of construction paper

* Find a dice to roll for the prototype presentation

* Sort cards into 4 piles, representing the 4 years I'm presenting in my compressed prototype timeline (1984)

* Write down 6 cards for each deck, each with different facts that have different outcomes

* Make beginner character profiles for the player

* Use the bag and paper to represent an app drawing upon a string of mini-games.

All of these are small basic tasks, but when taken together, this sounds like quite the challenge, even though I'm on my way to finishing several of these.

What really matters, though, is that I can't get into my own head about how much work this all is. I always used to hear that it's dangerous to spend as much time complaining about a task that it would take to actually do said task; now, I just have to apply that to my thesis.

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