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Media Arts Thesis: The Documentation Process Begins

Well hello there!

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm Christopher "Brady" Thomas, and this website is meant to serve as a living archive of the work I do as a digital artist and media maker.

I've started up this blog section to my website for a pretty simple reason: as part of the Media Arts and Practice program at USC, I have to partake in the creation of a senior MA+P thesis, and an integral part of this process is the documentation of said process. Hence, this blog is now here to act as a document of my creative process.

Now, nothing concrete has been designed yet, but here is a rough outline of what I plan my thesis to be as of right now:

- Because one of my topics is the use of games as educational tools, this project will be a game.

- Because this project is supposed to test new boundaries, I decided to combine analog and digital gaming techniques into one unique experience. For how this would work, I was actually inspired a lot by Mario Party: long form analog board game, short form digital mini games.

- Because California is the only state to require LGBT education within it's public schooling systems, I decided to make this game a storytelling game about the AIDS crisis, so that it could teach the players about this dark chapter in LGBT history in a way that is empathetic.

Obviously, this sounds like an ambitious project, but I myself am nothing if not ambitious!

So, as part of the making process, I'll be blogging around once a week just to check in on how I'm doing. I'm hoping that this documentation will be a handy resource for me to check on whenever I might get lost with the project.

Until next time!

Brady Thomas

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