Character Design, Modeling, and Texturing

Dr. P
Developed for the USC Keck School of Medicine research project "Darwina", this model is a kitbash model of a photogrammetry scan of a doctor that was decimated and mixed with existing models for clothes and hair.

Skills Used: Zbrush (decimation), Maya (retopology, UV unwrapping, additional modeling), Substance Painter (Texture Design), Photoshop (Texture Editing), Iray (Rendering)
Ultron's Minion
Developed for an experimental Magic Leap demo, this android is an enemy type for users and their friends to battle.

Skills Used: Maya (Modeling, UV unwrapping), Mudbox (Sculpting), Substance Painter (Texture Design), Photoshop (Texture Editing), Iray (Rendering)
A character developed for an AR app made for the Holohack 2017, Ziggy is an alien which users can interact with like a digital pet.

Skills Used: Maya (Modeling, UV Unwrapping), Photoshop (Texture Design)
The Tail
One of the main characters from USC Advanced Game Project "Smooth Criminals", The Tail is a hacker within a mixed-species heist team.

This model was based off a sculpt made by fellow artist Lindsay Wood.

Skills Used: Maya (Retoplogy, Modeling), Zbrush (Additional Sculpting, UV Unwrapping), Photoshop (Texture Design)
Wonder Buffalo - Buffalo Figurine
A psychedelic buffalo figurine that comes to life when you interact with it in "Wonder Buffalo VR"

Skills Used: Maya (Modeling, UV Unwrapping), Photoshop (Photo Editing, Texture Design), Arnold (Rendering)
Shader Monster
For my "Digital Lighting and Rendering" class final, I modeled a character and used it, along with the same batch of environment models, to experiment with several different node-based shading and lighting techniques.

Skills Used: Mudbox (Character Sculpting), Maya (UV unwrapping, rigging, shader design, lighting design), Arnold (lighting, rendering)
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