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Meet the Artist

Interdisciplinarity as a Key Value

C. Brady Thomas is a 3D Artist located in Los Angeles, CA.  Since graduating from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Media Arts and Practice, he has worked across the art development pipeline, with experience in 3D asset building (Technicolor), QA testing (The Third Floor, Inc.), and even production coordination (The Third Floor, Inc.).  He is currently looking to focus on 3D Art roles, and he would argue that his experience across the pipeline only makes him a more hirable artist.  Not only does he know how to model, sculpt, and texture any given asset, for instance, but his QA experience informs his ability to make an asset game ready, while his time in production gives him knowledge of how to organize his work.  Beyond this, he has a passion for world-building, visual storytelling, and exploring different art styles in his work.

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